Marantec BHT313/Digital313

  • $47.95

This listing includes
 Brand New Marantec BHT313 3 Button Remote Hand Transmitter
 Coding Pins
 Visor Clip
 Easy to read instructions
 FREE Delivery
 Genuine Brand New Marantec Quality Remote 433.92Mhz
 Works with 315MHz Openers M-4500, M-4700, Q7500, Q-7700, Q-7900, M-LINE, Q-LINE
 Works with openers M-4500e, M-4700e, M4900e, M7500e, RV8000, amd LC1000
 Works with openers M50, M55, M4500eco, M4700eco, Synergy 270, Synergy 370, Synergy 380
 Compatible remote controls M3-2312, M3-2314 and keypad model M13-631

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