B&D TB-5 Tri Tran Remote

  • $69.95

B&D TB-5 remote updates to TB-5V2 remote. The new remote does the same job. Just the button color change to grey. (photo 2)

This listing includes
 Brand New B&D TB-5v2 Hand Transmitter
 Easy to read instructions
 FREE Delivery
 Brand New B&D TB2 remote transmitter is compatible with the following B&D Tri-Tran openers:
 B&D Control-A-Door P
 B&D Control-A-Door P Diamond
 B&D Control-A-Door P Diamond Whisper Quiet
 B&D Control-A-Door P Diamond Power Drive
 WILL NOT work with older motors that still use the Securecode 433MHz, or 27MHz remotes

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